Designers revisit classic GIF players that were popular before the rise of modern technology.

If you thought GIFs were a new world creation, think again. Back in the day, the Mutoscope was created to be a form of entertainment that turned still-images into animations with a spin of hand-crank winch. Italian design studio Officina K reinvented Casler’s Mutoscope to introduce a more modern take on the flip-book GIF player. The designers wanted to give artists and other admirers a way to create tangible versions of the animation.

The Giphoscope is hand-assembled and made of quality aluminum and wood. Each device is made-to-order and customized to meet your special needs. It plays in a 24 frames video sequence. As cool as this might be, the price tag might be somewhat of a turn-off. The Giphoscope starts from € 299, so some may be forced to stick to virtual GIFS.

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