Could Artificial Organisms Be The Solution To Global Warming? [Pics]

Could Artificial Organisms Be The Solution To Global Warming? [Pics]
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Designer Alexandra Daisy Ginsberg proposed that man-made organisms be released into the wild to help solve our environmental problems.

Leah Gonzalez
  • 15 november 2013

Designing For The Sixth Extinction by artist and designer Alexandra Daisy Ginsberg explores how synthetic creatures can help solve the earth’s problems.

Ginsberg proposes that man-made creatures be released into the wild to help solve environmental issues and fill the void left by creatures that have disappeared.

In her project, Ginsberg states that most conservationists work to save or protect existing organisms while synthetic biologists work to design new organisms that can “benefit humanity.”



The new “species” that Ginsberg presents in her proposal include a slug-like Mobile Bioremeditating Device that emits alkali to neutralize acidic soil, a hedgehog-like Autonomous Seed Disperser that spreads seeds to increase local plant biodiversity, a bubble-like Self-inflating Antipathogenic Membrane Pump that releases spores to treat the infection causing sudden oak death, and Bioaerosol Microtrapping Biofilm that lives on leaves and traps airborne pollutants and harmful bio-matter.

These artificial creatures will have a genetic kill switch to prevent them from overproducing and creating new problems.

The project is part of the Grow Your Own exhibition co-curated by Ginsberg and on exhibit at the Science Gallery Dublin. The exhibition includes installations that explores and presents the implications of synthetic biology. The exhibition opened last October and runs until January 19th of next year.



View more images about the artificial creatures in the gallery below.


Alexandra Daisy Ginsberg

Sources: Dezeen, Science Gallery Dublin

Images: Alexandra Daisy Ginsberg

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