Glowing Wand Creates Impromptu Light Paintings [Video]

Glowing Wand Creates Impromptu Light Paintings [Video]

Pixelated images hover around the city in never before seen brilliance and animation.

Serena Chu
  • 1 november 2013

Light painting is a photography technique that manipulates both time and reality. Artists can create visually stimulating artworks not on canvas, but in thin air. Bitbanger Labs is about to turn the way we do lighting painting upside-down, making it easier and even more fun.

rod 2

Featured on Kickstarter, Pixelstick is a light rod embedded with LED lights that creates light images, and translates files created in Photoshop into abstract, photorealistic art.  It can also be implemented through a series of images, creating more innovative timelapse animation in real life.

“Lightpainting presents this sort of exhilarating marriage between what an artist or photographer can and can’t control,” the Bitbanger folks told PSFK. “Pixelstick gives lightpainters the ability to work with photorealistic graphics, but we think its even more intriguing power is simply high fidelity, full color.”

rod 8

With a lightweight aluminum outer casing, the Pixelstick is easy to handle and transport. The handbox lets you control the brightness, tint, firing speed, and direction of the image – 198 full color RGB LEDs can correspond to a single pixel in the image.

rod 3

Check out the custom animations you can create with Pixelstick below.



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