Cheesy Gourmet Meals Lure Mice To Their Demise [Pics]

Cheesy Gourmet Meals Lure Mice To Their Demise [Pics]

Ten different miniature meals could be the perfect way to attract household pests.

Ross Brooks
  • 6 november 2013

The latest project from fine-art photographer Davide Luciano and food stylist Claudia Ficca offers up a range of miniature gourmet dishes designed to appeal specifically to hungry mice. The project is called  “Gourmet Mouse Traps,” and as the name suggests, there is a nasty surprise waiting for our furry friends.

Inspired by a week-long cheese advertising shoot in New York, Luciano considered himself to be in a “cheesy state of mind,” which he channeled into creating and photographing a selection of miniature cheese-based dishes. Ficca took on the task of crafting the dishes, some of which included creamy cheesecake, grilled cheese, layered lasagna, bagel & lox, and nachos.


These ten dishes were then placed on a mouse trap one by one, and set against changing environments and atmospheres which were decorated by stylist Maeve Sheridan. Whether they knew it or not, the mice were at least treated to a final meal before their untimely demise.

Davide LucianoClaudia Ficca

Sources: DesignBoom

Images: Davide Luciano


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