Modular Espresso Machine Is Designed To Be Hacked [Video]

Modular Espresso Machine Is Designed To Be Hacked [Video]
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Signature espressos can be created that are user-specific, and just outright delectable.

Serena Chu
  • 12 november 2013

“Hack Your Espresso” is a machine that lets users control every aspect of the coffee-making process, from start to finish. While that steamy cup of caffeine is the desired end-product, the machine itself is something you need to fully enjoy as well. The Brews Brothers, a team of three Australian students from the RMIT University in Melbourne, designed this device to be an open source machine that lets users save their coffee settings and view other users’ presets.


To give users a complete hands-on experience, the team designed a perforated back that makes customizing the control center and getting inside the machine easier. Two side boards on either side of the machine acts as a buttress for all the components. Face panels can be removed, which then exposes the internal structure. The best feature of this machine is the complimentary app, which lets users remotely access the machine to set specific pressure and temperature profiles.

The art of espresso making is tough to master; however, the presets of this machine makes the process so easy to use that even amateurs can extract an espresso. It wouldn’t be a hackable espresso machine if you can’t change the settings in the future, so don’t worry once you get comfortable, you can start to experiment with your espresso style.

If you are curious about this invention, check out the video below.

“Hack Your Espresso”

Source: Core 77

Images: Hack Your Espresso

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