Historic Black And White Photos Colorized By Reddit [Pics]

Historic Black And White Photos Colorized By Reddit [Pics]
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Users of the popular social news and entertainment site give iconic photos greater life with a splash of color.

Ryan Gerhardt
  • 11 november 2013

It’s often taken for granted the ease with which we can capture moments today simply by taking out our smartphones. Imagine if that were possible during the Civil War, Great Depression, or the testing of the first hydrogen bomb.


A group of reddit users, found at r/ColorizedHistory, have brought life to iconic black and white photographs by colorizing them. Using a mix of historical reference and digital skills, the users make these old, distant photos pop into modern times. Whether it’s the Hindenburg disaster or a portrait of Churchill, many subjects more become relatable and real when filled with color, rather than just another scene from a textbook.

Check out the gallery below.


Sources: reddit, Twisted Sifter

Images: reddit

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