Plant-Growing Appliance Turns The Home Into A Farmer’s Market

Plant-Growing Appliance Turns The Home Into A Farmer’s Market

SproutsIO is an in-home gardening system that grows fruits and vegetables in individual pots.

Leah Gonzalez
  • 5 november 2013

SproutsIO is an indoor aeroponic or soil-less system that grows vegetables and small fruit plants in individual pods and can be controlled via a mobile app, which is designed to work with Android and iOS devices.

Created by Jennifer Broutin Farah, the system is yet another device designed to make it easier for people to grow their own food in their own homes even if they don’t have the existing skills for gardening or farming.

The system is also intended to bring food production closer to the end user. The process of bringing food from the farms to the market and to the user has a lot of inefficiencies that result to wastage of food in the middle of the process. Bringing food production inside the home reduces that waste.


SproutsIO is based on a patent pending technology that was developed in the Massachusetts Institute of Technology’s Media Laboratory. The system uses mist to bring nutrients and oxygen to the plants. The system also has sensors that help users track the humidity, temperature, and light needs of the plants.

In a post on FastCo, Broutin Farah stated that the SproutsIO system can generate six times the harvest grown by the same plants grown in soil.

Broutin Farah and her team won $100,000 in a competition by to develop the system.



Sources: FastCo, Jennifer Broutin Farah

Images: Jennifer Broutin Farah

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