Hyperlocal Market Sources Ingredients From No Further Than 90 Miles Away

Hyperlocal Market Sources Ingredients From No Further Than 90 Miles Away

Supermarket not only sells but also makes fresh foods with ingredients found around the neighborhood.

Serena Chu
  • 7 november 2013

More often than not, we fail to question the ingredients we use to cook. In order to treat your body like a temple and having a balanced nutritional diet you need to know where your food comes from and how it was made. When it comes to food sources, the Local Mission Market promises their customers 100% transparency. This newly opened San Francisco grocery store stocks their shelves with ingredients made locally, within the radius of 90 miles.

local mission market 1

The Local Mission Market sells made-in-house ketchup and locally caught salmon. Bread and desserts are all freshly made. The store imports things they cannot produce like spices, sugar, grounded coffee, and some dairy products. Ingredients are not the only things that are locally collected, the store’s checkout stand is made from a San Francisco Black Acaica wood and the tote bags are all crafted by San Francisco artists.

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Customers can weigh their produce on iPads. Pick up counters and delivery services are made available to customers who are on a tight schedule.

This novel store is a branch off of the “Local Mission” franchise. Restaurateurs Yaron Milgrom and Jake Des Voignes owns a chain of locavore stores. They invested their passion in the original Local Mission Eatery and Local’s Corner, and is now looking to add a Local Cellar, which will be a beer and wine shop.

The Local Mission Market wants to re-introduce the way our grandfathers used to shop, and instill a sense of responsibility when it comes to choosing the kinds of foods we eat. While this store can only be found in the Bay area, it could serve as an inspiration to food entrepreneurs everywhere, and be a catalyst for change.

Local Mission Market

Source: Local Mission Market

Images: Local Mission Market, Co Exist



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