Implantable Chip Makes It Easy For Anyone To Become A Cyborg [Video]

Implantable Chip Makes It Easy For Anyone To Become A Cyborg [Video]

This tiny device has the potential to give humans the ability to unlock their doors or log into a computer by a simple arm gesture.

Lara Piras
  • 6 november 2013

The xNT implantable NFC (Near Field Communication) chip is a pin-sized RFID (Radio-Frequency Identification) tag that hopes to make implantable technology a mainstream occurrence. By turning their bodies into a micro data center, users will potentially be able to perform day-to-day deeds just by flashing their arm.

The xNT is a 2mm x 12mm device compatible with all NFC compliant devices such as mobile phones and tablets and can be used to launch URLs, share contact details or even unlock phones. It is also ISO14443A compliant, which means it can be linked with commercial readers i.e. door locks, car ignitions and computer login systems.

Creator Amal Graafstra is a technologist, author and double RFID implantee swearing by this technology and frequently uses his chips to carry out his daily routine. Graafstra and his team have built and successfully tested 4 prototypes and have recently reached their goal of raising $8,000 via Indiegogo towards the project. With this in mind, this could be the first step towards a commercially viable implantable tech product.

Watch the campaign video below:

Sources: Amal Graafstra, Indiegogo

Images: Guardian, Indiegogo

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