Inflatable Architecture Temporarily Remodels Old Fashioned Stores [Pics]

Inflatable Architecture Temporarily Remodels Old Fashioned Stores [Pics]
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Selfridges gets a retro-futuristic makeover in the name of aspiring young designers.

Ross Brooks
  • 22 november 2013

Bouncy castles are the perfect example of an inflatable object that can brighten up any space and bring a bit of fun to an otherwise uninviting environment. In an attempt to try to invigorate the design of London’s prestigious Selfridges store, French studio Bonsoir Paris have created a pop-up store along with window displays to create a fun space for the Bright Young Things initiative that showcases young designers.

The exhibition combines ephemeral inflatable modules and timeless marble forms inspired by the 1960s to create a retro-futuristic space that highlights the contrast between luxury and pop-culture. As described by the designers:

On the one hand, inflatable plastic is a temporary material : a materialisation of the air that also refers to a childhood world. On the other hand, marble is a noble material, synonymous with luxury and timelessness.  Its texture and pattern contrast with the transparent plastic.


To really appreciate how original the idea is, and how much it makes you want to go and explore the store, be sure to look take a look through the gallery.

Bonsoir Paris

Source: It’s Nice That

Images: Bonsoir Paris


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