Fitness Band Hack Pits Friends Against Each Other With Bets

Fitness Band Hack Pits Friends Against Each Other With Bets

Fitcoin lets users challenge their friends for money to see who is in the best shape.

Leah Gonzalez
  • 22 november 2013

With the Fitcoin app you can earn a few bucks while getting fit.

The app came out of a hackathon put together by Jawbone, The Clinton Foundation, Tumblr and The Ace Hotel in New York to create apps related to health and fitness. Hackathon participants were given a Jawbone UP wristband health tracker to help in their brainstorming.

The Fitcoin team — Jamie Roberts, Adam Leibsohn and Daniel Finkler — built a hack on the Jawbone UP API and developed a fitness challenge app that lets users create fitness challenges, put some money into it, and invite their friends to join in the challenge. Then they can all play to see who wins or earns the most coins.

The creators found that involving money as a reward increased the level of competition and made people more likely to work out and even enjoy themselves while doing it.



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