JJ Abrams’ Interactive Book Features Conversational Marginalia

JJ Abrams’ Interactive Book Features Conversational Marginalia

Award-winning director and author collaborate on a novel that contains two intertwined stories.

Kristen Nozell
  • 14 november 2013

S. is a a recently released novel that takes the reader on a journey of multiple levels, with one story being told in the traditional text format, and another occurring simultaneously through the form of margin notes and inserts. The novel, which is a collaborative effort of director J.J. Abrams and author Doug Dorst, is based on the premise that a woman finds a library book filled with margin notes from a stranger, and responds with notes of her own, evolving into a discourse between the two about the story and its mysterious author.


Ultimately, the book can be read on two levels, with the novel itself as the primary text and the dialogue of the two correspondents adding another layer to the work. Perhaps most unique things about this meta literary concept is that the dependency on margin space and inserts, such as handwritten postcards, means that the success of the work is contingent on the print medium; an e-book of the same work would be an entirely different experience and would change the story itself.

Watch the video below for a peek inside this gorgeous book:

Sources: Buzzfeed

Images: Barnes & Noble, Fast Company

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