Kickstarter Project Asks Marketers To Turn Funding Into Brand Placement [Pics]

Kickstarter Project Asks Marketers To Turn Funding Into Brand Placement [Pics]

Keiichi Matsuda is making a film series on the “city of the future.” His Kickstarter invites brands to place their logos in the upcoming film.

Daniela Walker
  • 18 november 2013

Designer and filmmaker Keichii Matsuda is heading to Medellin, Colombia to create his latest film series, and like many artists these days, he is turning to Kickstarter to fund his project. But unlike other Kickstarter film-makers, Matsuda, is offering product placement in his film, which takes place in an augmented reality world.


Matsuda’s series of three films will focus on the future city, as he explains on Kickstarter:

It will be an ambitious new vision of the future; instead of jetpacks, flying cars and robots, think smart cities, super-social media, and ubiquitous augmented reality. It will be a science fiction short for our time; introspective, critical, and beautifully designed.

Since Matsuda is using augmented reality and graphics, he can animate any brand quite easily into his film, and that is what he is offering. The highest funding level, Ultimate Reality – which is for £5,000 – gives two backers  a whole scene designed around their business, while the second highest funding, Ultra Reality – £2,500 – gives backers ‘a specially designed 3D logo or product placement in a prominent location in the film.’ The Ultimate Reality package has already sold out.

It is a business-savvy way for Matsuda to get his funding and also thought-provoking considering the content of his film, which seeks to be a critical examination of our current digital, technological life.

Source: Kickstarter

Image: Kickstarter

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