Concept Restaurant Caters To Children’s Refined Palettes

Concept Restaurant Caters To Children’s Refined Palettes
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Lil' Buco serves meals that kids love and offers curbside parent pick-up and drop off.

Leah Gonzalez
  • 21 november 2013

Recently featured on Eater as Website of the Day, Lil’ Buco is a concept fine dining restaurant that caters to kids.

The concept restaurant offers kid-friendly meals like cereal, peanut butter and jelly on uncrusted bread, mac and cheese cake with flavor packet coulis, sloppy joe crostini, grilled cheese coins, bologna tartar on Pringle, and more.

The drinks list includes “cocktails” called “sugar and water drink,” “fruit barrel,” and “milk three ways – chocolate, strawberry, straight-up.”


According to its website, the restaurant is a forty-seat place with a non-alcoholic bar, table service, and even a ball pit seating. It lists its opening hours as “4PM to curfew, Monday to Saturday” and offers “curbside parent pick-up and drop-off.”

The concept restaurant was created by chefs and brothers Anthony and Danny Palumbo. Anthony worked as a consultant at Chuck E Cheese’s while Danny worked at Dave & Buster’s Pittsburgh restaurant.



Lil’ Buco

Source: Eater

Images: Lil’ Buco


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