The singer's career takes flight once again.

We’ve seen Lady Gaga in just about every type of clothing, and she manages to walk down center stage with confidence and attitude. From meat dresses to a bird’s nest headpiece, she certainly doesn’t fail to impress. Just when you may have thought that she had run out of tricks, she’s flying back on the radar, literally. To promote her new album ARTPOP — which was officially released today — she wore a flying dress named Volantis for her showcase performance.

The name Volantis is a namesake from “voler”, meaning fly in French and “Atlantis,” the Greek myth. The helicopter-like body suit – which features a fiberglass bodice and skirt- was strapped onto her body, and lifted her a few inches into the air. With the help of her behind-the-scenes creative team, Techhaus, Lady Gaga took off to symbolize innovation in today’s youth generation.

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