Tricked-Out Land Rover Doubles As Modern Art Piece [Pics]

Tricked-Out Land Rover Doubles As Modern Art Piece [Pics]
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Studio Job was commissioned to put their own bizarre spin on the classic 4x4 Defender to celebrate the vehicle's 65th birthday.

Emma Hutchings
  • 26 november 2013

Designers Studio Job were invited to design a special version of Land Rover’s Defender for the vehicle’s 65th birthday, resulting in an over-the-top, embellished automobile sculpture. It is described as “a narrative hotch-potch on four wheels” the design features bronze, wood, crystal, textiles, ceramics and stained glass.

Tricked-Out Land Rover Doubles As Modern Art Piece [Pics]

The studio’s Job Smeets and Nynke Tynagel set out to enhance its history and aura, creating an ode to the vehicle that makes many dream of adventures in distant Africa. It has a number of unlikely additions like stained glass windows, a large bronze horn, tongue, and hub cap ornaments. Job Smeets said:

As you would expect from someone who knows nothing about making a car, our approach got completely out of hand. The numerous elements kept accumulating. The car literally sticks its tongue out. It wants to be something that it actually isn’t. It’s become a great concoction, monumental and cynical.

The sculpture is currently on display at the PAN Amsterdam gallery until December 1st. Click through to see images of the Land Rover:

Studio Job

Sources: Dezeen, Studio Job

Images: Zero40

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