Time-Lapse Videos Challenge People To Learn A New Skill In 100 Days

Time-Lapse Videos Challenge People To Learn A New Skill In 100 Days

Instead of becoming a jack-of-all-trades, dedicate your time to becoming a master of one single talent.

Serena Chu
  • 13 november 2013

Learning a new talent or taking on a new hobby can be extremely stressful. Sometimes it can get so stressful that we just want to give up entirely. The Give It 100 project wants to challenge people to overcome their obstacles and choose to improve a new trait, talent, project, or whatever that comes to mind for 100 days.

The internet platform lets users upload a 10-second video every day to document their progress. In addition, users can scroll through the site to see what other people are trying to master, and leave comments to motivate one another. This interactive social project establishes a community for people all around the world, and serves as a great support system for people during times of inaction.

The founder of Give It 100, Karen Cheng, pushed her limits and blossomed into a spectacular dancer. Her video footage, which has become a popular hit on Youtube, documents her day-to-day growth as a dancer over the course of 365 days. Her journey is what inspired her to challenge others and help them discover new skills through hard work and determination. These time-lapse videos show that it takes more than just luck to achieve something great.

If you have an itching desire to learn the piano, write a book, or test the creative techniques of underwater basket weaving, don’t forget to document and share it online. Choose something, and let others see your successful progress.

Give it 100

Source: Give It 100

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