Lenticular Pattern Creates Two Dresses Out Of One [Video]

Lenticular Pattern Creates Two Dresses Out Of One [Video]
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Thanks to some ingenious pleating, designer Antoine Peters’ 'Lenticular Dress' changes patterns based on the viewer’s perspective.

Emma Hutchings
  • 22 november 2013

Designer Antoine Peters created a dress featuring a pattern that changes depending on the viewer’s angle of perspective. The Lenticular Dress appears to be covered in black and white stripes from one angle, but looks like black and white polka dots when viewed from the other side.

Lenticular Pattern Creates Two Dresses Out Of One [Video]

Inspired by lenticular printing, Peters investigated the possibility of applying this technique on textile and converted this into a traditional adaptation: pleats. The means the dynamics of movement, contrast and surprise are suddenly directly related to a person; the wearer.

The dress was created for the Te[ch]x(t)iles project from MOTI (Museum Of The Image). You can check it out in the video below by filmmaker Oscar Verpoort:

Lenticular Dress

Sources: Visual News, Antoine Peters

Images: Visual News

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