Interactive Cloth Plays Light Shows On Each Strand [Video]

Interactive Cloth Plays Light Shows On Each Strand [Video]

LightCloth is woven from diffusive optic fibers, with every strand emitting a different colored ray.

Emma Hutchings
  • 12 november 2013

LightCloth is an interactive cloth developed by the Japan Science and Technology Agency woven from optic fibers, whose every strand emits a different color of light. Using a special infrared light pen, the computer-controlled light patterns are displayed on the material, which could offer up infinite possibilities for fashion designers.

Interactive Cloth Plays Light Shows On Each Strand [Video]

The input and output device enables illumination, bi-directional data communication, and position sensing on a soft cloth. It allows full-color illumination and 8-bit data input by infrared signals.

The fabric is made of parallel diffusive fibers tied together with threads. Each fiber can emit and receive light signals using light-emitter array and light-sensor array. When it receives lights signals, it illuminates in the corresponding colors, line by line. You can learn more about the LightCloth and see it in action in the video below:


Source: JST

Images: JST, YouTube

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