Part of the luxury car brand's reinvention appears to be establishing itself as a first adopter of new tech features.

Lincoln hasn't been much of a headline grabber for some time. Part of the problem was a rocky launch of the brands'latest flagship sedan, the MKZ. The other bigger issue involved completely modernizing what characteristics and attributes the brand offers. Not a quick fix by any means. But the Lincoln team appear to feel like they are starting to get some traction. At the beginning of 2013, a new small Lincoln premium crossover concept called the MKC was unveiled at the Detroit Auto Show, a departure vehicle type for the brand. It attracted a lot of attention. Fast forward 10 months and the production version of the MKC is ready. Lincoln couldn't even wait two weeks to give it a splashy unveiling at the 2013 LA Auto Show and instead staged a surprise media event in New York City.

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