E-Ink Tags Keep Airline Travelers In Constant Contact With Their Luggage [Video]

E-Ink Tags Keep Airline Travelers In Constant Contact With Their Luggage [Video]

Vanguard ID Systems has developed new airline bag tags that link to a mobile app.

Leah Gonzalez
  • 5 november 2013

Vanguard ID Systems, leading maker of bar coded and RFID tags and cards, has announced a new kind of airline bag tag that is designed to help do away with the traditional bar-coded stickers that are looped onto luggage.

The ViewTag is a plastic device that works with radio frequency identification (RFID) and near-field communication (NFC) technology and has an E-Ink paper display. A traveler can control the information displayed through a smartphone app. The passenger can change the display to show his or her travel destinations as needed. The tag allows the owners to track their luggage or control checking in their bag. The RFID can transmit the location of the luggage.


The new airline bag tags are also meant to help reduce the number of incidents of lost luggage. Owners will be informed via text messaging of the location of their bags and they can also instruct where to deliver misplaced luggage.

The new tags are also seen as a way to reduce costs since airlines won’t have to purchase sticker paper and print the old bar-coded strips of paper.

The clip below shows a quick demo of the new airline bag tag.

Vanguard ID Systems

Sources: Providence Journal, Bloomberg Businessweek

Images: Vanguard ID Systems

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