Luxury Cat Hotel Caters To Pets’ Every Whim [Pics]

Luxury Cat Hotel Caters To Pets’ Every Whim [Pics]

Check your cats into five-star accommodation to give them the purr-fect vacation.

Serena Chu
  • 26 november 2013

If you haven’t guessed from its name, the Ings Luxury Cat Hotel is vacationing hot-spot for high-class felines. Located in West Yorkshire, this luxury accommodation provides detailed, white-glove services like an a la carte meat menu, kitty massages, four-poster beds, and plasma screens that show virtual fish tanks and bird scenes to privileged cats. Owners can check the well-being of their cats via emails and postcards.

Hotel owner and avid cat lover Jo Ounsley said:

It’s the perfect place for a cat to come…We just want them to be constantly entertained and stimulated, and that really leads to a happy cat.

For £15 a night, you can check your beloved feline into any of the 11 themed suites. If cost isn’t an issue then book the Woodland Wing, which is equivalent to the penthouse suite at any five-star hotel, for £40 a night.

Ings Luxury Cat Hotel

Source and Images: Metro


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