Pricy Cocktail Comes With A Spin In A Maserati

Pricy Cocktail Comes With A Spin In A Maserati

The latest luxury drink has a unique garnish.

Serena Chu
  • 8 november 2013

For this month only, the hotel bar in the Langham Place Hotel on Fifth Avenue is offering a new cocktail, but with a very hefty price tag: $176.

cocktail 1

This cocktail is mixed with four luxury ingredients: Aperol, Amaro, Nanino, Plymouth Gin and Krug Champagne. Served to you on a gilded platter and white glove service, this cocktail, the Quattroporte, comes with a ride in a Maserati, which is what you are really paying for. The Maserati Quattroporte is capable of reaching 176 mph, making the price tag of the drink almost reasonable.

Just like any other luxury experience, you need to reserve your spot on the waiting list, cross your fingers, and hope that the hotel will get to your name. Who wouldn’t want to try out the new Maserati on the streets of New York?

According to the hotel, no one has tried this speed-racer experience yet, so why not be the first and tell us how you feel after.


Source: Gothamist

Image: Gothamist



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