How Cross Pollinating Cultures Lead To A Striking Brand Identity

How Cross Pollinating Cultures Lead To A Striking Brand Identity

Fusion restaurant branding situates Arabic typography in a Mexican dining context.

Plus Aziz
  • 27 november 2013

One of the most rewarding outcomes of cosmopolitanism is the sheer unpredictability of how cultural roots can come together. Habibis is a superb example of this. The taqueria (i.e. taco shop) is located nearby the Mexican city Monterrey, which hosts a sizable Arab immigrant community.

habibis various packaging

The brand identity strikes a unique balance between the Mexican street food context and Arabic calligraphy. The work was developed  by branding specialists Anagrama, which describes the business prompt on their website in great detail:

“Our proposal is a brand that adapts stylized Arabic calligraphy to a typical Mexican street setting, complete with neon colors and inexpensive materials, like craft paper bags. Deep research and careful understanding of the Arabic alphabet was needed to design, using calligraphic pens and special brushes, the various words and signage in both Arabic and Latin… The pattern is based on traditional keffiyeh (a Middle Eastern headdress fashioned from a square scarf) and gorgeously intrinsic mosaic patterns.”

While it is not unusual to see high-end branding leveraging Arabic calligraphy or the keffiyeh, we find Habibis’ branding to be exceptional because they integrate the typographic identity into the dining experience in a visually compelling way. It’s a unique solution for an establishment turning the surrounding demographics into an asset and differentiating point.

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