Technology that can capture vibrations directly from your larynx reduces background noise during calls.

Motorola isn't happy with hands-free, and it's not interested in wearable technology, instead it wants to tattoo a microphone with a transceiver and power supply to your neck so that you can make calls without all that pesky background noise. For those who aren't sure if their brand loyalty is strong enough to justify such a permanent act, it might help to know that the company has a habit of being loose with their definition of “tattoo.”

The electronic neck tattoo would capture vibrations directly from your larynx, which would then be transmitted to your phone via Bluetooth, Zigbee, or an NFC connection. Other potential applications could see the tattoo fitted with a display of sorts, or a galvanic skin response detector that could basically service as a lie detector. Motorola even mentioned the possibility of applying neck tattoos to animals for tracking purposes.

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