Achieving Customer Satisfaction Across Channels [PSFK SAN FRANCISCO]

Achieving Customer Satisfaction Across Channels [PSFK SAN FRANCISCO]

We talk with Carrie Whitehead of Zappos Lab about multichannel customers happiness.

  • 28 november 2013

We are very excited about returning to SF for PSFK SAN FRANCISCO on November 21 to present the fourth volume of PSFK’s Future of Retail report. We have a line-up of speakers confirmed with more to come, hailing from companies such as Google and Foursquare.

One of these speakers is Carrie Whitehead, Head of Product Strategy and User Experience at Zappos Labs. She spearheads new and innovative adventures in online shopping. Prior to joining Zappos full-time, Carrie founded 120 Movements, a digital agency focused on delivering exceptional customer experiences. During this time she worked with clients such as CNN, Logitech, Wells Fargo, Intuit, Yahoo!, and AOL. With roots in marketing and advertising, Carrie’s early career included working at Razorfish, and Goodby, Silverstein & Partners.

Tell us about the Zappos Lab and the recent work you have been doing.

At Zappos Labs, our goal is to inspire the future of Zappos. We look at industry trends, new technologies, and underserved customer needs to help drive experiments around new ways for customers to shop, engage and connect online. In our two years of existence, we’ve worked on a variety of experiments in areas such as data visualization, mobile, personalization, community, and curation. Our approach is to fail early and often. We think these mistakes are essential for making something successful. Most recently to come out of Labs is Glance by Zappos, Glance is an inspiring way to discover the most exciting Zappos products through curated collections.  You can find more about Zappos Labs and our work at

What are the larger changes in consumer behavior when it comes to retail and shopping habits?

With the rise of connected devices and the Internet of things, customers now expect to be able to shop when, where, and how they want. They move across mobile, desktop, and physical and up and down the purchase path. These shoppers are empowered and want to be instantly presented with what is right for them. Creating highly personalized experiences that are consistent across platforms and devices is now more important than ever.

How do you see the trend of multichannel service, where mobile and social tools and practices let staff deliver tailored products and experiences to customers, changing the retail landscape?

The anytime, anywhere customer is expecting a more tailored experience. This will continue to put pressure on retailers to anticipate needs and provide support in a way that is useful to the customer. Retailers will need to continue to invest in qualitative and quantitative methods to gain a clear understanding of their customer. It will be important to focus on context, content, and community, to deliver new service value to customers.

How is Zappos navigating this trend?

Our goal is to deliver the best customer service and ultimately, to make people happy. We believe in developing a personal emotional connection with our customers and continuously invest in new tools and processes to help our staff create these connections. For example, we can route customer phone calls based on area code, enabling our customer service reps to create a more personalized experience based on a customer’s location.In addition to offering a 24/7 call center, email, and online chat, our @Zappos_Service Twitter handle responds directly to anyone who reaches out with a question or problem generating thousands of Twitter conversations per month. We have also grown our investment in mobile. Our dedicated mobile service team offers specialized support to mobile users through phone, email, and the @Zappos_Mobile Twitter handle. In addition, we have recently integrated live chat into our iOS mobile apps. Overall, we’re committed to continuously develop and invest in innovations that deliver high quality service to our customers.

Thank you Carrie!

Come hear Carrie speak about her work at Zappos Labs and personalized shopping experience at PSFK’s San Francisco conference! Learn more about the event here, and purchase your tickets below.

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