Coin's all-in-one payment card could put mobile payment apps to shame.

Mobile payment apps have hard a time time breaking old habits, which is why one startup has launched a crowdfunding campaign for Coin, a physical card that combines all your different credit, debit, gift, and membership cards into one. It works just like a regular credit card, but it allows you to cycle through your stored cards and select one via a small display.

Coin comes with a small card reader that attaches to the bottom of your smartphone. Using the Coin app for iOS or Android, you can swipe each card in your possession and then take a picture of the information on the front. The card is then stored on the app using 128-bit encryption and synced with your Coin using a Bluetooth connection. Adding your cars is a one-time deal, after which you're free to use Coin without the app or your smartphone.

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