Japanese Music Video Creates Animation With Spinning CDs [Video]

Japanese Music Video Creates Animation With Spinning CDs [Video]

For Japanese band SOUR's music video, designers used phenakistoscope to create animation using CDs.

Leah Gonzalez
  • 11 november 2013

For Japanese band SOUR’s music video for their song “Life Is Music,” the video creators used rotating CDs as a kind of phenakistoscope to create the animation.

Phenakistoscope is an early animation device used to create an illusion of motion. The animations, created Masashi Kawamura of creative studio PARTY and Kota Iguchi of design studio Tymote, were created by printing images onto compact discs. Kawamura and Iguchi synced the speed of the rotation of the discs with the frame rate of their video camera.



In an article on Dezeen, Kawamura explained that they recorded the film at 15 fps and filmed 17 frame animations to synch with the 105 BPM of the song.

The group raised funds on Kickstarter to create the music video. The entire music video was created with 189 spinning discs. The CDs used in making the video are being sold on the website Life As Music as limited edition art pieces.

Watch the making of the video below:

And the official music video:

Life As Music

Source: My Major Company, Dezeen

Images: SOURLife As Music

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