Camera Plays Music To Help Frame The Perfect Shot


The LightSounds app emits melodies to help users take a good photo.

Leah Gonzalez
  • 27 november 2013

Developed by Dr. Jose San Pedro Wandelmer, a junior researcher at Telefónica I+D, LightSounds is a smartphone app that uses musical sounds to help users take a perfectly-framed photo.

The app plays a sad and melancholy melody when the user is framing a photo badly, but shifts to a happier tune when the user adjusts the framing to get it right.

The developer decided to use music as the guide to help not only amateur photographers, but also the visually-impaired.

The app was designed to recognize what a good photo is in two ways. First it was programmed with the so-called photographer’s “rule of thirds,” which breaks down an image into a grid of 9 squares and places objects of interest at the intersections. Then it was programmed with an AI algorithm that analyzed a hundred thousand photos that were rated as high quality to come out with the specific factors as to what makes a good photo.

The app plays a melody in a minor scale when the photo is not framed properly. The melody gradually increases in pitch and goes into a major scale until the photo is framed correctly. The app adds harmonies into the tune when faces are in the right frame.

The app, which was presented last month at a multimedia conference in Barcelona, is due to be launched in February.

Telefónica I+D is the research and development company of the Telefónica Group.

Telefónica I+D

Source: New Scientist

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