3D-Printed Speech Demonstrates Obama’s Vision For Manufacturing [Pics]

3D-Printed Speech Demonstrates Obama’s Vision For Manufacturing [Pics]
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39-seconds of the State of the Union address is transfomed into an awe-inspiring lunar piece of art.

Ross Brooks
  • 22 november 2013

Gilles Azzaro is a self-described voice sculptor and artist who transforms invisible and intangible recordings into something solid and tangible. He was was recently inspired by Barack Obama’s State of the Union address to transform a 39 second snippet of that speech into 3D-printed art. Working with Toulouse FabLabArtilect, the 3-D printed piece is a representation of the next industrial revolution that will be sparked by hubs of technology like 3D-printing, according to the president.

The sculpture took 350 hours to make, and is a testament to the kind of things that can be produced by one such “technological hub.” “It reveals the invisible,” Azzaro told Wired UK, “a new digital concept, and also the content and value of a message that makes sense and is optimistic for the future.”


Azzaro’s finished piece is nearly five-feet long, and had to be made in 12 parts due to the fact he uses a desktop printer to create his work. It required 10kg of filament, which the artist fed through a wide nozzle to achieve the effect of an undulating lunar landscape. To fully appreciate the details, be sure to look through the gallery below.

Gilles Azzaro


Images: Gilles Azzaro




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