Splashes Of Paint Transform Concert Posters Into Map Directions [Pics]

Splashes Of Paint Transform Concert Posters Into Map Directions [Pics]
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Ekko-bound visitors to the Dutch city of Utrecht could follow designer's trail to the venue.

Sara Boboltz
  • 4 november 2013

Nominated for Best Graphic at this year’s Dutch Design Week, Kok Pistolet‘s poster series provided directions to Ekko, a music festival venue in Utrecht. The 40 posters — each with pointed hands labelled either ‘linksaf’ (‘left’ in Dutch) or ‘rechtsaf’ (‘right’ in Dutch) — were printed identically and hung along routes pre-determined by the artist. Pistolet then visited each poster, painting in bright colors over the lines not needed, so the ones left in black and white formed a set of directions. As concert-goers approached the venue, the directions became increasingly simpler, with more of the arrows painted over.

Take a look below:

Kok Pistolet

Photos by Kok Pistolet

Sources: Dezeen


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