Connected Toys Deliver Messages Using Parents’ Voices [Video]

Connected Toys Deliver Messages Using Parents’ Voices [Video]

Toymail lets busy parents stay connected with their kids throughout the day

Ross Brooks
  • 15 november 2013

Keeping in touch with your kids can be tricky, especially if you spend all day in the office or find yourself away from home for long periods of time. If you want to stay connected with your kids, then maybe it’s time to check out Toymail, an app which lets you deliver messages via cute little toys called Mailmen. Once the message is received, kids can even record a message of their own to let you know how they feel.

The WiFi-enabled Mailmen can deliver the message exactly how you recorded it, or apply different filters to make your voice all the more amusing. It’s all about two-way communication, but if you can’t think of something to say there is always the Daily Toymailer, a unique message that could be a song, little known fact, or inspiring quote sent straight to everyone’s Mailmen each morning.


Each Toymail message sent or received costs one virtual stamp, and Toymail will be giving users 10 free stamps every month.  If customers want to send more toymails than this in one month, additional stamps can be purchased at 50 stamps for $.99, and these can be used at any time without expiration.

See for yourself how the Mailmen can help you and your family stay better connected wherever you are in the world:


Source: Kickstarter

Images: Toymail


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