Patagonia Offers Repair Workshops To Salvage Damaged Products

Patagonia Offers Repair Workshops To Salvage Damaged Products

The retailer partnered with iFixit to offer tutorials on how to replace Patagonia items and fix things like broken zippers.

Leah Gonzalez
  • 26 november 2013

For Black Friday, outdoor apparel company Patagonia has partnered with iFixit to offer tutorials on how to repair Patagonia items and fix basic things like a broken zipper or loose stitching on a jacket.

Patagonia has long been working to create awareness among the consumers about the environmental impact of their purchases. The company launched the Common Threads Partnership in 2011 to reduce the environmental footprint.

This year the company is encouraging consumers to extend the lives of their items of clothing by repairing them. By partnering with iFixit, a website that features free repair manuals for everything, the company hopes to encourage people to learn how to fix things by themselves and re-use items instead of throwing them away and buying new ones.


Patagonia and iFixit will run free sewing and repair clinics in the retailer’s stores on Black Friday.

Patagonia is also showing a documentary called Worn Wear at the event. Worn Wear is about customers, the lives they lived, and how they and their purchases endured through it all.


Patagonia // iFixit

Source: LATimes

Images: iFixit

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