Pharrell’s 24-Hour Music Video Helps Fans Tell The Time [Video]

Pharrell’s 24-Hour Music Video Helps Fans Tell The Time [Video]
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The artist has transformed the audience viewing experience for his latest hit.

Serena Chu
  • 22 november 2013

What do you do when you are happy? You listen to Pharrell William’s song Happy for 1,440 minutes of course. The artist launched a website to document the many smiles and blissful moments around the world. With 360 different clips of men, women and children freestyle dancing to the song, the music video is a live documentary of the beauty of life.

While most of the performers are unknowns, some celebrities like Magic Johnson, Steve Carrell, Jamie Foxx and Jimmy Kimmel decided to join in on the fun.

Pharrell did a great job with the song, however, it is only four minutes long. In order to partake the whole experience, you’ll need to listen to the same melody on loop 360 times in a row – good thing there is a fast-forward button on the site.


Source: Time

Image: 24hoursofhappy

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