Phone Thermometer Creates A Portable Medical Database

Phone Thermometer Creates A Portable Medical Database

The Kinsa thermometer plugs into your iPhone and keeps track of things like temperatures, symptoms, and diagnoses.

Jaymar Cabebe
  • 7 november 2013

Wondering whether the flu is going around in your neighborhood? With the Kinsa smart thermometer, there’s now a way to track that sort of data in real time.

With no batteries, LCD screen, or processor, the Kinsa oral thermometer plugs into and is powered by the headphone jack of your iPhone. This connection allows the accompanying mobile app to collect accurate temperature data (including real-time fluctuations) and add it to your illness history. From there, you can use the app to share your history with physicians and even access tools to manage your illness.


Perhaps the most important of Kinsa’s features is its ability to show you the “health weather” in your local area. This data gives you a real-time reading of symptoms and illnesses that may be going around.

Lastly, Kinsa Groups is a nifty feature that lets you create a custom group with other Kinsa-toting friends, co-workers, or classmates. Think of it as a way to keep tabs on the health weather within specific communities.


Sources: Fast Company
Images: Kinsa

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