Macala Wright: 3 Ways To Measure ROI On Pinterest and Instagram

Macala Wright: 3 Ways To Measure ROI On Pinterest and Instagram

When it comes to content marketing, we want to know our investments are doing. Here are three programs to help get accurate numbers.

Macala Wright
  • 3 november 2013

With the rapid evolution of content marketing and a higher percentage of digital marketing dollars being allocated towards content partnerships and original branded content production, marketers are now looking for ways to measure content effectiveness.

They not only want to know how far content is reaching, but what topics, themes and types are most effective in engaging their target audiences – especially when it comes to Pinterest and Instagram. While still in its infancy, being able to measure Pinterest and Instagram is becoming easier and surprisingly affordable. Here are three independent software platforms that give provide fantastic data on visual content.



Simply Measured provides easy social media analytics and measurement for data-driven agencies and brands. Simply measured works across all social media channels – Facebook, Twitter, Vine, Instagram, youTube, Google+, Google Analytics, Tumblr, Pinterest, and LinkedIn.  In an interview with founder Adam Schoenfeld, I asked, “How does SimplyMeasured help marketers analyze Pinterest and Instagram?”

Schoenfeld said, “we provide platform specific  analytics around brand owned profiles. On Insatgram and Pinterest, we measure the impact of the content created for that channel on its audiences. Marketers can understand, act and share content (video, photo, text) based on data of what’s resonating. They can also look at what competitors are doing on those same platforms to further increase their content effectiveness.”

With SimplyMeasured, analysis doesn’t stop with one profile. Marketers can measure the cohesive relationship between each network, your competitors’ social profiles, and how your audience interacts throughout the entire social space.  SimplyMeasured boosts of 40 different, visual rich reports that can either exported to PowerPoint or Excel, be further customized for branding purposes and then presented for company or client analysis. SimplyMeasured ranges from $500 – $1500 per month.


Brand Cast

Brandcast is like Hootsuite for visual social media. Brandcast says its vision “is a combination of helping people express themselves, unlocking the hidden powers of the Web, and bringing the last major pillars of enterprise technology into the cloud.” Users can publish video and photo to Facbook, YouTube, Vimeo, Twiter and even Etsy.  Currently in closed beta, monthly costs will be about $5 – $10 per month per account.



Piqora tracks the most popular and profitable images your company posts on Pinterest, Instagram and Tumblr. It provides campaign metrics such as effectiveness/reach of hashtags, revenue per pin and it also identifies your most influential followers by each platform. End reporting is visually rich and easy to understand. Piqora costs $3000-$15,000 per year.

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