Instructional Signs Brighten Train Conductors’ Monotonous Days [Video]

Instructional Signs Brighten Train Conductors’ Monotonous Days [Video]

A little-known safety regulation is used to tell NYC conductors they are "dead sexy."

Ross Brooks
  • 1 november 2013

Rose Sacktor and Yosef Lerner recently took advantage of a little-known safety procedure on the New York subway to brighten up conductors’ days as they worked hard to shuttle thousands of commuters around the city. Halfway down each subway platform in New York City hangs a black-and-white striped sign which conductors are required to acknowledge before opening the train doors at each new station. The pair created fun signs and held them underneath the black-and-white boards, which they knew the conductors would see, and hopefully enjoy.

Some of the phrases included:

“Point here if you are dead sexy.”
“Point here if you’ve seen a passenger naked.”
“Point here if Snape kills Dumbledore.”


As reported by AdWeek, Sacktor and Lerner spoke about their motivation for the personal project:

Conductors spend their whole day in that small booth, alone. It is incredibly loud, and they get minimal human contact. We decided to show our appreciation for their work.

While some conductors tired to keep a professional distance, there were many more who loved the signs and weren’t shy about showing it. Some even wondered how the pair had managed to learn about the not-so-obvious safety rule. Make sure to watch the video which stands a good chance of bringing a smile to your face.

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