Polka Dot Bike Reflectors Protect Cyclists In The Dark [Pics]

Polka Dot Bike Reflectors Protect Cyclists In The Dark [Pics]
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Simple additions to your bike that can save your life.

Serena Chu
  • 25 november 2013

Just in time to catch the holiday spirit, Bookman fabricated a collection of magnetic reflectors suitable for all steel bike frames. The Stockholm-based bicycle accessories brand thought it would be great to add a little color and fun to your bike, while strictly providing roadside safety at the same time. Whether it is in rain or snow, day or night, these polka-dot reflectors will affix securely to any bike frame.

bike reflectors 6

These magnetic reflectors are available in red or white. In order to accommodate different tube diameters and fenders, Bookman designed large and small sized ones. Each pack comes with 12 reflectors – 8 large and 4 small. For less than $12, you can purchase a little bit of safety for your late night rides.


Source and Images: Designboom


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