Mini Energy Kit Stores And Transports Electricity For Developing Countries [Pics]

Mini Energy Kit Stores And Transports Electricity For Developing Countries [Pics]

Could this be a step towards combating the global problem of limited access to power sources?

Lara Piras
  • 21 november 2013

Artefact is on a mission to fight against the issue surrounding the fact that vast rural areas in Africa and Asia are going without power, limiting access to education, health, safety, and social mobility. Their aim is to give these people a chance by simply giving them access to as little as 10 Watts of energy.

Gavin Kelly, principal and co-founder of Artefact feels it important to try to “give shape and form to one of Bill Gates’ ideas on how to use technology to solve the world’s most severe challenges.” And that’s exactly what he and the team are doing.

Their answer is Juice Box; an open energy system concept that can harness energy from many different sources, and can store and transport it to anywhere in the world, even in the remotest of locations. The device can be powered by car batteries, electrical grids and contains swappable batteries and even a light so users can work in the dark.


With Juice Box, the team’s aim is to, ‘inspire additional engagement from people and organizations, who want to help build a better future for the billion people who live without electricity.’

Watch the campaign video below:

Images: Artefact

Sources: Artefact

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