Water Fountain Uses Positive Reinforcement To Decrease Bottle Waste

Water Fountain Uses Positive Reinforcement To Decrease Bottle Waste

Keep track of your environmental impact with this networked water fountain in Israel.

Ross Brooks
  • 19 november 2013

When you consider the fact that much of the Middle East is one big desert, it’s unsurprising that water conservation is high on the list of priorities for most countries in the region. One possible solution is a water fountain that aims to conserve more water and reduce the amount of plastic used in its distribution. Created by an Israeli startup called Woosh Water, it’s a high-tech, networked solution that also relies on positive reinforcement.

Anyone is allowed to use the water fountain, but the real social impact becomes clear once you become part of the network. Users who sign up online receive a small keychain sensor to login when they refill their bottle, which tracks how much water has been consumed, along with how many plastic bottles have been kept out of the waste stream by using a reusable bottle.


The social aspect not only encourages people continue using the system, but also incentivizes others to start using their own reusable water bottle. To date, Woosh has five stations in Tel Aviv and around 12,000 users and reports having saved more than 41,000 plastic water bottles.

Woosh Water

Source: TreeHugger

Images: Woosh Water


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