Map Visualizes How Rap Names Were Created [Pics]

Map Visualizes How Rap Names Were Created [Pics]
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Poster categorizes and connects over 1,000 famous rap monikers.

Ryan Gerhardt
  • 19 november 2013

Lil Wayne and Big Sean. Snoop Dogg and Gorilla Zoe. The adoption of new names and personas by famous hip hop figures is nothing new, but keeping track of these creative monikers can be difficult. Pop Chart Lab is trying to make it a little easier.

With their latest creation, “The Massive Map of Hip-Hop Monikers”, Pop Chart Lab has created an immense graphic that looks like an overcrowded family tree full of colorful categories and semantic connections. Featuring over 1,000 notorious rap names, the chart is broken into themes – animals, crime, etc. – to provide not only a piece of art but also a creative lens.

From Pop Chart Lab, the map is described as

…break[ing] down your MCs, your DJs, your Mastas, your Killas, your Masta Killas, and Markies both Biz- and –Mark. Note: Carefully checked, double-checked, and triple-checked to ensure we did not forget about Dre.

“The Massive Map of Hip-Hop Monikers” is a 60” x 40” wall map, and is available from Pop Chart Lab for $90.


Sources: Pop Chart Lab, Wired

Images: Pop Chart Lab, Wired,

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