Reddit Community Data Visualizations Trace User Behavior Patterns [Pics]

Reddit Community Data Visualizations Trace User Behavior Patterns [Pics]

Redditviz is a map generator of subreddits that are connected by actual user behavior, and not related topics.

Leah Gonzalez
  • 5 november 2013

Within Reddit are countless subreddits or niche interests groups. Redditviz, created by Michigan State University (MSU) Computer Science and Engineering Ph.D. student  Randy Olson and MSU Assistant Professor Zachary Neal, is a site that generates a map of the subreddits connected by actual Reddit user behavior and not by related topics.

Olson and Neal developed an algorithm that tracked where users posted on the site. The map generated by Redditviz helps users find other members who share their interests.


To use the tool, you just need to search for the particular topic or interest and the site will zoom into that specific interest, as well as the related subreddits connected to it.

According to a post on Co.Design, Redditviz came about as a product of Olson’s own frustration over finding fellow Reddit users with the same interests as him. Olson also revealed that he wants Redditviz to be more than just a tool for Reddit users, and instead be something that changes how users view themselves.



Sources: Co.Design

Images: RedditvizCo.Design


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