Rejuvenating Design Turns The Toothbrush Into A Lifestyle Product [Pics]

Rejuvenating Design Turns The Toothbrush Into A Lifestyle Product [Pics]
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A revolutionary toothbrush that is tailored to fit your morning mood.

Serena Chu
  • 20 november 2013

Without the perfect toothbrush, how can you maintain those pristine pearly-whites that you obsessively love gliding your tongue across? It’s hard to find the perfect toothbrush, considering they are either too generic or too expensive. Luckily, byDEFAULT created a modern toothbrush that encompasses the practicality and functionality of both manual and electric models.

tooth brush 4

The Toothbrush by byDEFAULT was ergonomically designed to fit the needs of your daily routine. It allows users to customize the outer casing based on their mood. There is a large collection of handle grips, ranging in color and style to choose from. Instead of crafting the body of the brush to look like “sports product,” Enever stripped away all the nonsense and created a straight, sleek, cylindrical handle that is comfortable to hold.

In order to activate the vibration module, simply drop in a AAA battery into the handle, and the manual toothbrush will be transformed into an electric one. A brush head subscription service is set up to mail users replacement heads every 3 months to ensure proper hygiene.

tooth brush 7

Currently featured on Indiegogo, the Toothbrush is offered for a base price of $19. Additional tweaks and customizations will require you break the bank a little more. The annual subscription service is $16.


Source: Co Design, Indiegogo

Images: Indiegogo

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