Coworkers get to know each other through an innovative medium after a company merger.

Allen & Gerritsen came up with an interesting way for employees to get to know each other after the acquisition of Philadelphia-based Neiman earlier this year. They installed a wall of digital displays in each of their office's common areas, which just so happened to represent a tic-tac-toe board, and gave the company a chance to experiment with near field technology.

The idea was to get to know each each other better through a glimpse into coworkers' personal lives via their Instagram streams. Custom game boards in each office consisted of nine RFID readers, a WiFi-enabled Arduino Yún, a speaker for gameplay feedback and a reset button to restart the game. Real-time game moves were visible on both display walls, and depending on who made the move, a call was made for an Instagram photo from either office pool with identifying info.

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