Device Converts Running Mileage Into Harvestable Energy

Device Converts Running Mileage Into Harvestable Energy

Kinetic energy collected from your body can power your iPhone for more than 6 hours.

Serena Chu
  • 26 november 2013

The amount of kinetic energy you generate during a 45 minute cardio workout can extend the battery life of your smartphone or other electronic devices by more than six hours. The NUvention Energy class at Northwestern University developed a running companion that hugs to your hip and captures free energy as you do your laps around the track. myPower is a revolutionary rechargeable battery that might change the way we acquire sustainable energy.

mypower 4

The myPower device is shaped like a dry board eraser with a unadjustable clip on the back. It uses the same USB cable to connect to devices.

The NUvention class shared:

Solar chargers and large kinetic chargers currently exist on the market, but ours is the only one targeted for the needs of runners. Other backup batteries also exist, but we have found that people forget to charge them, and they don’t give you the satisfaction of generating your own green energy.

mypower 2

According to the founders, a year’s worth of collected energy can offset the carbon footprint and the device you charge with. This bit-size power cell will capture energy as long as you stay moving. Not only is this an advancement in clean technology, but also a huge leap in the field of medicine, giving people a new incentive to increase their level of exercise. It is going to be interesting to see future improvements to this piece of technology.


Source and Images: The Challenge Cup



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