A pro bono campaign by Saatchi & Saatchi Wellness appeals to potential donors by pointing out the health benefits of giving to others.

A new ad campaign for NYC nonprofit Crossroads Community Services at St. Bart’s aims to reach potential donors in a new way. In contrast to the typical technique of promoting nonprofit causes by prompting an emotional response of pity or guilt, this pro bono campaign highlights how a donation can benefit the giver, playing to the narcissistic side of human nature.

The campaign was conceived and created by Saatchi  & Saatchi Wellness, a part of Publicis Healthcare Communications Group, and asks people to give a five dollar donation via text to the nonprofit, which provides housing, food and other services to NYC’s homeless. To motivate donations, the ads use messaging such as “I can help lower your blood pressure” and “I can reduce your stress level” alongside images of members of the Crossroads community. The messaging was developed based on research that shows measurable mental and physical benefits to doing good.

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