Photos Show The Loneliness Found In The Soft Glow Of Digital Screens [Pics]

Photos Show The Loneliness Found In The Soft Glow Of Digital Screens [Pics]

No amount of entertainment can replace the loneliness we feel behind our computer screens.

Serena Chu
  • 21 november 2013

To simply put it, computers have detached people from the real world. Our choice to stay (or hide) behind our screens is taking a toll on our social lives, leaving us lonelier than ever. Parisian photographer Julien Mauve thought it would be informative to capture the blank, expressionless faces of those locked into the virtual world.

lonely window 10

His new photo series “Lonely Window” focuses on the user’s faces, basking in the soft light of their screens. Focused and oblivious to their surroundings, these people unknowingly made the decision to live in new kind of loneliness. In one of his pictures, Mauve revealed how technology has altered life and what evenings nowadays look like – the stereotypical TV dinner has been replaced by a computer one.

Mauve shared:

Digital interfaces have totally changed how we perceive and interact with the outside world. It’s taught us new ways to communicate without physically seeing or speaking to one another.

Lonely Window

Source: Julien Mauve, Design Taxi

Images: Julien Mauve



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