A UK town near London will use 100 driverless “pods” as their public transportation system.

While the concept of a self-driving car has been floating around for awhile, in the UK, there is one town that is replacing its local buses with self-driving pods. In Milton Keynes, the ULTra PRT transport pods, which fits 2 people, will be controlled by an on-board computer and can be called and paid in an accompanying smartphone app.


The pods will not drive on normal roads, but on a roadway with special curbs to guide the rubber wheels installed in Milton Keynes, a mid-size city in the UK that was chose for its proximity to London and an infrastructure that already included wide roads. They will be replacing the bus system as a more eco-friendly option, running on a rechargeable battery. While this is the first time that the pods are being used in an inner city setting, they have been on trial for two years at Heathrow airport, for short distances between a terminal and a parking lot, without any accident.

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