Personal Action Figure Grabs Attention Better Than A Business Card [Video]

Personal Action Figure Grabs Attention Better Than A Business Card [Video]

Photographer Jens Lennartsson created the small toy and packaged it in a box with details about his skills and work.

Leah Gonzalez
  • 27 november 2013

Swedish travel and lifestyle photographer Jens Lennartsson knows that to get noticed by art directors or agencies, you’ll need to make an “epic impression,” and epic was exactly what he was going for when he decided to create an action figure of himself packaged in a box featuring his skills, abilities, and, of course, his work.

Lennartsson worked with a few other creatives to create the GI Jens action figure, a smaller version of the photographer, complete with a camera in hand and shoulder bag over its tiny shoulder.


The action figure comes in a minimal cardboard box with the photographer’s name and the description, “The Amazing World Exploring Travel and Lifestyle Photographer.” The back of the box lists down the “included features” like “really good camera,” “able to fly,” and “loved by 9 out of 10 art directors.” It also features a note saying, ‘This is not the actual photographer but a totally awesome model of him.’ The photographer’s contact info are written below it.

Inside the box is a separate cardboard piece to secure the action figure and hold the folded portfolio which features select images from Lennartsson’s travel photography and commercial work.

According to his website, Lennartsson created the action figure because he wanted something that people would like to keep on their desks and show to others, and he also wanted a piece that reflected what his work is all about — ‘raw and natural lifestyle and travel photography, without too much gear and photoshop.’

The promotional video below shows the unboxing of the GI Jens action figure.

For more about the creation of the action figure, check out this behind-the-scenes video.

Jens Lennartsson

Source: DesignTAXI, ISO 1200

Images: Jens Lennartsson


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