A mobile restaurant that can handle customers wherever it is pedaled to.

From afar, the seven-story tower might look like a radio tower, but after closer inspection, it is actually a mobile restaurant that has been mounted on a tricycle. Designed by Swiss architecture firm Bureau A, this project for Tadioto, a local bar and entertainment centre, has multiple uses, ranging from a street-food venue to an exhibition space. If you are lucky, you might catch this store-on-wheels strolling through the streets of Hanoi in Vietnam.

The structure features a light-blue framework made of steel tubes, which is strong enough to support a decently sized man. There is a small PVC roof, as well as a fan and lamp. Daniel Zamarbide designed it to be a form of “performance” that infuses local culture and practices. In the close-knit community of Vietnam, space-saving venues like this seven-storey restaurant are far more efficient than other ones.

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